A vast and spectacular, beautiful country of contrasts in landscape, climate and culture.The world’s most ancient traditions wedded to the world’s brightest economic future, a land of a thousand million souls, where peaceful rice fields and monastery villages exist alongside buzzing ultramodern mega-cities. In short, a magical destination of memorable images and amazing experiences!

Hong Kong is a fusion of East and West, a peaceful co-existence of Western culture alongside the traditional philosophy and practices of Chinese culture.

Visit Beijing,where the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square await exploration.

Shanghai offers colonial charm, superb shopping, distinctive regional cuisine and a full calendar of colourful and fascinating festivals.

The fabulous Great Wall of China which is one of the greatest building construction projects ever completed, a testament to human engineering, ingenuity and endurance, and an undoubted wonder of the world. It winds its way thousands of miles from the mountains of Korea to the sands of the Gobi, the wall has captivated and astonished visitors throughout its remarkable history.

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