Holland has up to seven metres below sea level, however with a cunning combination of dykes and canals, they’ve managed to keep this flat-as-a-pancake land afloat – and created an utterly unique country to boot.

Sweeping, flower-strewn countryside, beautiful beaches that have barely been touched and some of Europe’s most titillating cities. Get set to fall head over heels for Holland holidays.

Take your pick from the chic streets and sophisticated tastes of Maastricht, Or Amsterdam canals,nd culture which provide a brillant city break.

Head out of the cities and travel to Holland is all about making the most of this unusual land’s natural gifts. It’s about packing a picnic and peddling out into the country to drink in the awesome expanses of uninterrupted sky. It’s about heading to the coast to the gloriously tourist free sandy beaches and seaside towns. Or it’s about hopping across to the Frisian Islands for some sun, cycling and surf. From wholesome to hedonistic, Holland has the lot.

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