Greece is cosmopolitan when visiting its cities such as Athens where there are ancient gems to treasure from the Acropolis to palaces in Crete.

Sun-soaked beaches and crystal blue waters are in abundance and attract visitors pf all ages.

Visit Halkidiki and view the three unspoiled fingers of the peninsula protruding into the sparkling Aegean sea. I had fantastic boasting golden beaches with sheltered bays making this a family favourite.

For dramatic gorges and coves visit Cretes with beautiful wild flowers and olive groves.

Mykonos is the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands. Low, rocky hills, combined with superb golden beaches, make up its gentle landscape. Mykonos’s capital, Hora, boasts a colourful harbour in which little fishing boats nestle side by side with luxury yachts. Nearby, a veritable treasure trove of modern jewellery is sold at numerous friendly shops. One of the most evocative areas on the island is Little Venice. Here, several restaurants boast wonderful views across the sea and over to the famous Mykonos windmills – make sure you dine late enough to witness an unforgettable sunset.

Santorini is a magical, serene island which when viewed from the surrounding waters this is possibly the most stunning of all islands.

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