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New York Food & Sights To Amaze

When I win the lottery (not if, but when), I want to move to New York City.

There isn’t an experience I haven’t enjoyed. I travelled in November, December and April and visiting as a couple at New Year we watched the ball drop on the stroke of midnight in Times Square. I’ve visited with family, seeing the sights and drinking cocktails and as a stopover to other American destinations. Each trip was spectacular in different ways, from hotels, eating out and sight seeing.

Let me share with you some of my top places to eat and visit!

Top Eats in NYC

  • Nobu was the restaurant treat (pre-children) when we spent 3 nights in NYC. We went for the Omakase tasting menu. Nobu is famed for their blackened cod and it did not disappoint, up there with one of the best meals ever.
  • Rudy’s Bar, a must see and we spent around 5 hours here. Classed as a dive bar, it’s located in Hell’s Kitchen a 5 minute walk from Times Square. With the best value for drinks, and a free hot dog with each drink, it’s definitely a very merry top eat.
  • Plaza Food Court and the food court in Grand Central station are places I could probably spend too much time in. Right Across from Central Park the Plaza Food Court is a perfect place to stop and pick up lunch for a picnic. With 16 vendors offering a selection of eats from pasta, sandwiches, sushi to cakes, its definitely somewhere to go on an empty stomach. I recommend the lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster.
  • Junior’s was directly across from our hotel, so naturally we HAD to try the cheesecake. As there were four of us it was more economical to buy one whole cheesecake than 4 slices. One strawberry cheesecake to take away for us then! Junior’s have a restaurant to sit in but it was busy each time we passed, so after demolishing our cheesecake we could see why! Best Cheesecake ever? Quite possibly, but I’ll have to taste some more…..just to be sure!
  • Rock Centre Café overlooks the famous Rockefeller ice rink which opens from November to April. When travelling to New York during this time I would recommend this as a ‘must do’, I don’t think the setting could be anymore iconic. The food, the wine, the company and location made this one of my top eats. With all locations I listed it’s more than just the taste of the food!

Top Excursions in NYC

  • Hop on/Hop off Bus was a perfect way to get around, with 4 different routes we used to uptown and downtown routes most, from Times Square, to the financial district, then travelling through China Town and back up to the upper east side to Central Park.
  • The Empire State building is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, with 103 floors and Art Deco style which is apparent in the external and internal parts of the building. The atmosphere and history of the Empire State Building make it a must visit location. On a windy day you can feel the building slightly swaying bringing it a little alive, and with views across the city and towards the Hudson make it a fantastic photo opportunity.
  • Rock at the Top would be my preference if I had to choose between the top of the Rockefeller Centre or the Empire State Building.  I love skating first and then heading onto the elevator which is an experience in itself. My favourite thing about being at Rock at the Top is the view, as you walk around the observation area you see Central Park, the cityscape and of course the Empire State Building. It’s probably one of my favourite views in the world!
  • Grand Central Station isn’t just a train station. It’s home to 60 shops, 35 restaurants & even had a tennis court. I love standing at the top of the stairs looking towards the main concourse with the elaborately decorated astronomical ceiling,  the architecture and décor is a must see in NYC.
  • Bryant Park is a small privately managed public park between fifth & sixth avenue and sits in the middle of a crowd of skyscrapers. During the summer months they hold outdoor movie screenings and concerts and in winter a smaller ice rink with a Christmas market is set up. Bryant Park is full of personality with a great community feel. I watched older gentlemen play chess, French bowls and performers walking on stilts. It is a lovely place to take time out, have a coffee and watch the world go by.

There is so much more I could say about NYC, my colleagues have their own experiences and recommendations and I am sure they would happily talk NYC all day. After writing out this blog I am thinking about travelling there with a 3 year old and 6 year old! Watch this space…….