Luxury Holidays Tailor Made at Affordable Prices? Image

Luxury Holidays Tailor Made at Affordable Prices?

Tailor made! Sounds expensive yes? But not so when you come to see us at Thorne Travel.

Since 2009 we have been tailoring affordable luxury holidays across a wide range of destinations for our customers.

We aim to bring high end luxury to our customers they never imagined they could afford. We do this through the high quality relationships that we have built in our network with worldwide suppliers ensuring that we get the best rates available. Our business model enables us to supply travel, accommodation and experiences at affordable rates whilst running a happy and efficient business from our base in Kilwinning.

Just how do we keep the business happy? Well, we enjoy luxury travel of course! All of us take regular holidays to ensure the products we sell exceed expectations! If we’re happy then you’ll be happy.

Our top luxury holiday destinations this year include:

We are passionate about creating ours and your long lasting happy memories.