Breathtaking Barbados Image

Breathtaking Barbados

In April 2017 I set off on my travels to explore all that Barbados had to offer.

As a busy working mum of two I have been lucky enough to go on some amazing family holidays with my husband and two children. Holiday villages, splash parks, ice cream, kids clubs, chicken nuggets and noise pretty much sums up my normal holiday experience. So when I was offered an educational work experience holiday in Barbados with total luxury, fine dining and no children I was both thrilled and petrified.

Arriving at the airport to meet my co-workers that I would spend the next 6days and 6 nights with I was relieved to find the loveliest bunch of people. We travelled BA economy had good food, good chats and plenty of champagne which took us through to land at Grantly International Airport Barbados.

Caribbean heat is totally different to the Mediterranean heat that I have experienced before. It hits your body the minute you step off the plane almost like a shower, washing your body with instant relaxation. Greeted by the Barbados tourist board we were whisked through immigration and bundled onto the coach to travel to what would be our base for the duration the Craine Resort.

We were welcomed into the tropical paradise with a cold towel and a rum punch and given our room keys. The room was breath taking!! A massive queen size bed, open plan living area, two marble bathrooms all beautifully decorated. This place was paradise. I walked out onto the balcomy to discover a spiral staircase which took us to the upper level with our own private splash pool loungers and bbq area. The room had the most spectacular view of the ocean. Amazing!

I felt so lucky over the next few days being able to visit some of the best hotels Barbados has to offer. All the hotels and restaurants were unique with different atmospheres to suit different travellers but all so special in their own way.

My must do experience in Barbados is the Seaduced Luxury Catamaran Cruise this was an experience I know I will remember for the rest of my life!

We arrived at the harbour around 4pm and were welcomed aboard by the crew of four including the guide and our own personal chef. A chilled glass of rose in hand we were encouraged to relax on board and enjoy the chilled regee music taking in the beautiful view as we sailed out to sea. The warm sea breeze on my face, the warmth of the sun combined with the gentle bobbing of the boat was totally relaxing and a feeling of total contentment warmed me to the core.

Our guide Danny summoned the boat to stop and we watching in awe as he produced some food to encourage the large turtles to come over. Each of us in turn slipped into the warm Caribbean sea, something I had never done before, I think my face in this picture says it all! What a sensation with snorking gear on I was able to appreciate the beauty of colour below me. Fish in all the colours of the rainbow and the brightest blue waters you could imagine.

We travelled a little further to an abandoned ship wreck where again we were encouraged into the waters to swim and explore. The boat bobbed in the aqua blue waters and dinner was served. Steak, chicken fresh fish and salad all washed down with lots and lots of rum punch.

As we sailed back to the harbour I knew then I had experienced something that would be a forever memory. I also knew this was something that I wanted my husband and children to experience, and to feel, I knew then that I  will return to this beautiful island that stole my heart.

With so many amazing meals in my week it was hard to choose but it had to be The Tides as my recommendation place to eat.

Firstly the setting is off the scale stunning with spectacular ocean views that can be enjoyed with a cocktail. Clean crisp décor with candle light and plenty of room the ambience in this place is magical. Staff are friendly yet professional, attentive but not overbearing. The food is the cherry on top! Dine on succulent steaks and chicken or enjoy the catch of day, all presented beautifully and with enough perfection to be classed as fine dining without any stuffiness. The Tide is a very special place and somewhere you must visit.

So to sum up my experience in Barbados in one word is very difficult. Its more of a feeling, one I have never felt before and one which I know I will be returning for!

Should you wish any more information or prices on these properties please call me and I would be delighted to talk you about them.