Amazing Antigua Luxury Image

Amazing Antigua Luxury

In March 2015 we travelled to the beautiful island of Antigua for our last baby free holiday and it was breathtaking.

Antigua is renowned for its stunning white and pink beaches, but not until we sunk our toes into the sand did we appreciate just how beautiful they are. With 365 beaches to choose from (one for every day of the year) you really are spoilt for choice.

We arrived at Antigua to be welcomed by the warm Caribbean sun, smiling faces, local music and lashings of rum punch. Being pregnant, I had the pleasure of watching my other half indulge while I contented myself with chilled mineral water.

Antigua Airport is small and very busy and due to some delays three flights were landing almost at the same time, making it a bit chaotic.  After the long wait to clear customers, we found our transfer. It was great to see they were in the process of building a brand new airport to accommodate the growing number of tourists visiting this Caribbean gem.

We arrived at our resort, Sandals Grande Antigua and knew straight away we were going to have a well deserved week of chilling out. The hotel staff greeted us with fantastic smiles radiating the famous Caribbean happiness, delighted to have us visit their beautiful corner of the world. The staff quickly took our names and took our luggage to our rooms while we checked in.

We were lucky enough to have a private butler, Denis, who was in the reception to greet us. Like the other staff Denis was so pleased to be hosting our visit. He presented us with cold mint towels to cool down with, which in the humid heat of Antigua went down a treat.

After our speedy check in (completed on an iPad, very cool), Denis showed us to our suite. This room was nothing short of spectacular, the huge bed  was so high I thought I was going to have to take a run and jump. Bowls of fruit, chocolate, champagne and lemon iced tea were set out for us to indulge in, and the ice tea was so refreshing and just was I needed. My partner had the hard job of testing out the alcohol on my behalf.

We were given a mobile phone for the week which already has Denis’ number programmed in, all we had to do was press 2 buttons and we were instantly connected should be have needed anything. This was great and we really only used this to book into some of the popular restaurants, spa treatments and to reserve seats at the pool or beach, where there was always a cooler of water and beers for us to enjoy.

We spent our first day on the most spectacular beach, with pure white sand feeling like warm silk underfoot,  the sea striking shade of turquoise and there was barely a cloud in the sky, this is paradise.

After a perfect day of lounging about the beach, reading between naps and indulging in some of the tastiest food I’ve eaten, we went back our room to get showered and ready for our first night.

We got back to our room so the loveliest of surprises. Denis had drawn us a bath, with rose petals leading to the bathroom, and champagne on ice and he hadn’t forgot about pregnant me and had made iced tea. It is no wonder this is the world’s most romantic resort.

During the week Denis left us many lovely surprises, and when we thanked him, he was nothing but modest and told us he wanted us to enjoy our last holiday as a couple before we became a family of three.

The food we ate during our week was delicious, with so many choices from Italian and Mexican to Japanese and good old British pub grub (which was certainly on a different level to the pub grub we are used too).

On our third day it was finally Spa Day involving a deep tissue massage for my partner and a pregnancy pamper massage for me, and my goodness… we came out so relaxed our legs were like spaghetti!

Towards the end of our holiday with two nights to go it was karaoke night in the Cricketers pub, so what else for it than to go and watch others sing terribly. The karaoke night was one of the best nights we had and as the resort was mostly filled with American couples it was great to watch them all get up and sing and dance while we chatted with all the couples around us.

The next night was the Mr and Mrs game show night, so again it would be rude not to go and have a laugh at the expense of the men who’s wives dragged them up on stage. The laughs we had at the couples answers had tears rolling down our cheeks, recommended!

Next was the Talent Show, with a mix of guests and staff taking part and it was so Caribbean passion for life, it was so infectious and you couldn’t help but find yourself dancing along.

On our last day we got up early to pack the last of our things and went down to the pool for one last attempt at getting a tan. We were sorry to be leaving, but well and truly been bitten by the Caribbean bug and knew it wouldn’t be our last visit.

This is destination I wouldn’t hesitate to put on the wanderlust wish list; relaxing, beautiful and one happy place.


  • Books and magazines
  • Snorkelling is a big must
  • A hat (that sun is hot, hot, hot)
  • A visit to Shirley Heights
  • The rainforest canopy adventure and zip line
  • Most importantly leave the stress at home – the Caribbean folks have no place for stress in these chilled out islands