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Recently I went on a long weekend away to Disney Land Paris. I stayed in the Newport Bay Hotel which was grand and look really nice and as it was Christmas time it was beautiful and made it all the more special. I went with my nephew who is nearly 3 and he loved it, he was constantly looking around with totally amazement on his face.

The rides were also very good for him as he is a toddler I thought that there would not be much for him to go on but he got on almost everything, except the roller-coaster! There is a variety of different rides from the carrousel to the boat ride through it’s a small world.

Disney Land has a variety of places to eat and in each land there are different restaurant in which the food has a wide range. We went for dinner with Mickey & friends which I would recommend to do if visiting Disney. There were lots of the Disney characters who all came over a saw him and he had the chance to get a picture with them and they signed his autograph book. They all came over and sat with him and there was always a character coming over to see him. The most enjoyable part of the dinner was every time it is someone’s birthday all the characters dance to the music around the person and give them a cake. It so happened to be around ten people’s birthday that night and at the end of the song my nephew was clapping his hands saying again, again!

On our last night we went and saw the Disney Fantasy Parade; we were at the front and could see all the characters as they went by. There were lots of floats and each one had either dancers in front of it or some characters relating to it. It was the best parade I have ever seen and my nephew thoroughly enjoyed it. The parade itself was a magical and a superb end to my trip to Disney Land.

I will definitely be going back to Disney Land Paris in the near future as it was an enjoyable weekend and we managed to go on everything in both parks. The Disney Village was also good as it had music playing at night and was lit up also it had Disney shops where I bought souvenirs.

I would recommend going to Disney Land Paris if you have children or even if you don’t as the experience as a whole is amazing and it defiantly brings out the inner child in you!


Megan Ballantyne

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